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You can come see us at Lone Pine Ranch, or at one of our Adoption Locations, like Petsmart. Please remember to fill out a Dog Application or a Cat Application online, so we can do all the required reference checks prior to your vist. That way you can take home your new lifetime companion right away!

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Boy or Girl?:Boy
Breed:Border Terrier
Age:Senior Citizen (13 & Older)
Does Good With:
  • Dogs
  • Small Animals
  • Children
  • Indoors
  • Outdoors
  • Leash
Vet Work:
  • Up to Date on Vaccines
  • Up to Date on Rabies
  • Neutered
Dusty is approximately 13 years old. This poor boy has been at the shelter since 2002. Dusty was brought in after he was found by someone who saved him from the claw trap he had been caught in. He lost two of his toes and does limp from the injury.

A very happy and loving boy, Dusty is a shelter favorite. Dusty is the first dog the volunteers want to walk. When we have young visitors, he is always the one we let them walk as he is good on a leash and with children 5 years and up. Dusty would probably do well with younger children too.

Terrified of thunder storms, Dusty would need a family who is willing to leave him in. His family would also need a 6 foot privacy fence as he does climb a chain link fence of any size. Dusty gets along with almost any dog he is around but will growl at a dog if they come near his food bowl. If the dog does not leave then he will try to bite it. Dusty does not have any food aggression towards humans though. He lets volunteers take treats right out of his mouth. Dusty doesn't mind the volunteer walking him and another dog or two at the same time either. He is a good watch dog too as he barks when someone drives up to the shelter.