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Cat Barn 

While it still is a "closed" facility, our cats get to 'Free Roam' inside...

Lone Pine Shelter - Facilities - Cat BarnSo how did the cat barn get it's name?  Well, it used to be a milk barn so when we started using to provide shetler for our kitties, it became known simply as "The Cat Barn".

The Cat Barn currently houses approximately 39 cats.  It's a free roaming facility inside the building.  What this means, is while they are secured inside the barn, they are allowed to roam around as they please inside of it.  They are not locked inside cages inside the building.  We do have kennels for cats recovering from surgery or who are undergoing medical treatment and need to be isolated.

For the feral kitties that enter our sanctuary program, the Cat Barn is their sanctuary.  For more sociable kitties, the Cat Barn is a stepping stone to their forever home and family.

Lone Pine Shelter - Facilities - Cat BarnThe Cat Barn has several different areas for the kitties to find their own personal spot to relax.  There's a breezeway up front and the screened in patio out back.  There is a loft upstairs which is where the more feral kitties like to hang out away from all the people.  They've got several cat trees to hang out on in various areas along with soft blankets to curl up in.

They are fed wet food in the morning and in the evenings.  There is dry food for them to graze on all day long.

We have a dedicated group of volunteers who come in every weekend and clean the Cat Barn.  If you are interested in possibly becoming one of these volunteers, please visit our Volunteering page.  The cleaning involves completely emptying all the litter pans, and refilling them with fresh litter.  Then we clean all the food and water dishes.  The bedding (all the blankets and removable pillows) get replaced with clean ones.  We then stock the canned and dry food for the week, as well as the "litter bin" with fresh litter.

Once all the chores are done, the fun begins.  The kittes are given lots of love and human attention.  If you are a cat lover, the Kitty Crew Volunteers are always in search of more helping hands.