Disorders of sexual development in the dog and cat

Normal sexual differentiation occurs in three sequential steps—establishment of chromosomal (genetic) sex, development of gonadal sex, and development of phenotypic sex. Errors in the establishment of chromosomal, gonadal, or phenotypic sex cause abnormal sexual differentiation. Affected individuals are identified with a wide variety of patterns from ambiguous genitalia, to apparently normal genitalia with sterility or infertility. When a patient is suspected of having a disorder of sexual development, analysis of the chromosomal constitution and complete gross and histopathologic description of the gonads, internal and external genitalia are required to correctly categorize the type of disorder.

Dogs and children

Dogs and children can be great friends and having a dog can help children develop kindness, understanding and respect for living things. Dog companionship can improve a child’s social skills with people while caring for a pet can encourage responsibility.

17 Funny Pet Stories That Will Brighten Your Day

We love our pets for a whole bunch of reasons. They give us cuddles. They’re adorable. They keep us active. But perhaps most importantly, they’re the world’s best comedians. To help put a smile on your face today, we’ve uncovered the funniest pet stories out there, from a “coughing” snake, to a cat who accidentally got stuck in a pile of tape. And for more amazingly adorable pet tales, check out The 30 Most Adorable Animal Stories of 2023