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Dog Kennels

We try to make our new friends as comfortable as possible...

Lone Pine Shelter - Facilities - Dog KennelsWe have around 20 outdoor kennels for the larger dogs we rescue, and 10 kennels that are completely inside our shelter for the medium to smaller size dogs.  Our kennels are setup to try and provide the dogs with as much room as possible, while maintaining their security.  All of our outdoor kennels are completely enclosed, with 4 sides and a top.  We use chain link on our kennels, and tarp the top of them.  The tarp is great for keeping water and sun out, while still letting air in.  The dogs are usually kept by themselves in their kennels if they are outdoor, simply for the fact that these are used with our larger rescue pets.  Breeds like German Shepherds, Akita, Boxer, Rottweiler, etc..., these are the dogs that require a larger space to move around in.  This helps relieve the nervous tension and enery that builds up during the short gaps of time that the dog needs to be confined waiting on the exercise/play times.

We are always looking for funds to help improve our kennels for the comfort of our dogs.  If you would like to help, you can donate with the button below, and mark your note for "Dog Kennels". 

Lone Pine Shelter - Facilities - Dog KennelFor our small or medium size dogs, we use smaller wall/crate kennels inside the Shelter Facility.  While they don't have as much room as the outdoor kennels, they are fully climate controlled.  Our smaller canine friends usually have a high amount of energy, and we have been known at times to let some of the more well behaved furry kids run loose inside the building.

Socializing our rescue dogs is 100% vital to the success of adoption.  We are always looking for volunteers to help us with the kennel care and dog program.  If you are interested in helping us, please fill out our Volunteer Form.  Letting the dogs "run" together on the inside of the shelter helps build their confidence and their trust in humans.  It also gives us a chance to evaluate their reactions to other dogs, people, noises, etc...  We will often bring the larger dogs inside the facility to give both dog sizes a chance to interact with each other.

If you would like to come check out our kennels, and see if we have your next best friend waiting for you, please Contact Us to schedule an appointment outside of our normal hours.  We have normal business hours for visiting on Saturdays every week, but we can arrange a special visitation if you have found a pet on the Adoption page that you think you would like to meet.