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Food Fund

As for any small rescue group, food is over half of our monthly budget...

Lone Pine Shelter - Food FundOver 90% of the animals that come into our shelter program are starving to some extent.  Whether they are small kittens, or 140 pound dogs, they all need food, and lots of it.  One of the tricks used to gain trust in a skittish animal, is to use food to attract the pet over to you.

From hard food to soft food, we have to keep what you would probably consider a massive amount on hand at any given time.  On an average week, when the shelter is full, just for dog food we can go through 200 pounds in one week. For cats, we keep an average of 40 cats at any time, ranging from kittens to senior citizens.  Unfortunately, during kitten season, we often have more kittens, and usually too young to really be eating hard food.  In situations like this, we have to purchase speciality cat food, that is very small, and meant for kittens that have lost their mother too early.  This food ranges in cost from $20-40 for a small 6 pound bag.

Then for our senior citizens, they have often had hard lives.  Usually their teeth are in pretty bad shape.  Even after we have finished the necessary vet work to get them health again, they are very limited as to what they can eat.  For these guys, we have to purhcase high quality soft food.  Eating crunchy food provides many necessary nutrients for pets, and when a pet is limited to soft food, you have to buy a higher quality brand.  One case of soft food, meant for senior pets can range from $20-$30 for 24 cans.

Lone Pine Shelter - Food FundWe are lucky enough to have a large storage building located a short distance away from our Shelter Facility.  We can take large donations of food, dog or cat, and store it an safe dry location.  If you or your business is interested in possibly sponsoring a large purchase, we can negotiate with a pet food supplier, that is one of our goals.  If you think that you could help with this, please Contact Us.

If you would like to help support our pets and feed them every month, please consider a donation.  You can make a one time donation, or you can check the box on the PayPal form that makes your amount a recurring donation every month.  Every single dollar we get is vitally important, and it really does matter.  $5 buys 5 cans of food for a call, and $10 buys a bag of senior citizen chewables.  Remember, every penny that you donate goes to the care and support of our shelter pets.  We do not pay our volunteers or our board.  Thank you for considering a donation!