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Immediate Need: Trash Bags,Bleach,Paper Towels

  • Lone Pine Shelter - Amazon.com Wish List

    Amazon.com Wish List

    Are you a little worried about where your hard earned money is being spent?  We have a solution for you,  you can choose for yourself what you want to buy for our shelter off of our online Wish List.  You simply choose from the lsit what you want to buy, fill up your cart, then you pay for it, and they ship it to us.

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  • Lone Pine Shelter - Emergency Rescue

    Emergency Rescues

    It's late on a Wednesday night, and the phone rings.  Two dogs found tied to a tree, half starved, and bad weather is coming.  This is typically what happens when we get an emergency call.  Urgent vet care, food, shelter, it all needs to be taken care.

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  • Lone Pine Shelter - General Fund

    General Fund

    Everyday costs like bleach, towels, laundry soap, food, kitty litter, etc... These are all things that we have to buy to keep our shelter up and running.  While these things don't cost alot by themselves, we have to pay for them all.  Everything adds up for a small charity like us.

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  • Lone Pine Shelter - Spay & Neuter

    Spay/Neuter Fund

    We often help with families that cannot afford to pay for their Spay or Neuter surgery for their furry family members.  Often we also cover routine vaccinations and other small medical costs for these pets and their humans.

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  • Lone Pine Shelter - Food Fund

    Food Fund

    Aside from vet costs, food is the primary cost for a small shelter.  We can go through 300 pounds of dog food in one week.  While our cat food is not quite as much, we can easily use 40 pounds of food per week.  If we have to get special prescription food for a sick cat or dog, our food spend can increase 40% in one week.

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