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FAQ's - Adoptions

Some questions we get asked over and over again, so we tried to make a list....

  1. How long does it take to finish an adoption, from start to actually picking up the animal?
  2. If I rent my house, can I still adopt a pet from you?
  3. Is the pet I am adopting already fixed?


Adoption Timeline:
The amount of time an adoption takes really depends on where you are adopting from, and the time of the week.  For example, if you see a cat you like at PetSmart on a Tuesday night, and you come home and fill out an Cat Adoption Application or Dog Adoption Application online.  In that case you could take home the kitty Wednesday night.  Another example would be coming and seeing a dog at our Shelter Facility during one of our Saturday visits.  You decide you like Fido, and you want to adopt him.  You fill out an application in person and hand it to a volunteer.  On Monday, we would call, verify your references, get back to you Monday or Tuesday.  Then you could come finish the adoption after you Schedule An Appointment.  That timeline would be depending on when you could get to the shelter, and when we could arrange a volunteer to meet you.  So, the timeline can go from one day, to three or four days, just depends on how it plays out.

House Rentals:
Yes, you can still adopt, as long as it's okay with your landlord.  Typically, once you fill out an Adoption Application, it only takes a single phone call to your landlord to verify that you are allowed to have pets.  If we cannot get in touch with your landlord, then we would require a copy of your lease/rental agreement.  We must speak to your landlord, and/or see a copy of your agreement before we can adopt a pet to you.

Spay/Neuter Before Adoption:
Absolutely!  We will not adopt a pet out to a family until that pet is "fixed".  We are strong believers in stopping pet overpopulation in Northwest Arkansas.  Unless there is a very strange reason (like health or medical), there are no exceptions to this policy.  We used to do the "voucher" system, when we first started, and we relied on our adopters to schedule and follow up with their surgeries.  This did not work out to well for us or the rescue pet.  We know its difficult, especially with a puppy or kitten that you want to take home as soon as possible, but it's better all around if they are medically altered while they are with us.