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FAQ's - Dogs

Some questions we get asked over and over again, so we tried to make a list....

  1. Will the dog I want to adopt be okay with my house cat?
  2. I have an apartment, and I want to get a big dog, what do you think?
  3. Do I need to register my dog with the city?


Dogs and Cats:
The age old question of dogs and cats.  There really is not a good, solid answer to this question.  All we can tell you is what we know of the dog while it is at our Shelter Facility.  We do try and test all of dogs with as many situations as possible.  Other dogs, cats, kids, loud noises, crowds, etc...  We can tell you how the dog acts during these tests, and our Adoption page will describe whether or not our dogs are good with these tests.  The problem comes in actually with your house cat.  The cat that we test the dogs with may have had a dog partner in their past family, and they are okay with Fido.  Your cat however, may hate Fifi from the moment she walks in the door.  There is always a certain period of time that the pets will need to get to know one another.  This timeframe will be different for each family and each situation.  Usually if the dog tests out okay at the shelter, we don't have a problem with the adopting family pets.  Just be sure that you give Fluffy the Feline lots of love and attention when Fido comes to his new home.

Apartments and Dogs:
So... again, hard question to answer.  It really does change depending on the dog, the family, and the situation.  We have known large Husky breed dogs that thrive in a small 1 bedroom apartment because the adopting Mom and Dad walk him everyday, multiple times.  Then there has been a situation where we adopted a Rat Terrier breed onto a ranch with 5 acres, and it didn't work out.  The dog seemed to want a small enclosed area, and wasn't happy with the large yard.  The happiness of your adopted buddy is usually made by how much time you can put into the relationship.  We try not and put ourselves in a position to make a guess at this, outside of the tests that we normally do.

City Registration:
All depends on what city you live in.  Bentonville, Bella Vista, Fayetteville, and Springdale all require that you register your pup, and provide a rabies certificate.  You can speak to your adoption coordinator during the adoption process if your city is not listed here and we can help you check.