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FAQ's - Donating

Some questions we get asked over and over again, so we tried to make a list....

  1. I like to track my donations, do you provide a donation receipt?
  2. I want to donate, but I live in another state.  How can I check that your charity is real?
  3. I am interested in donating, but I want to be able to choose what my donation gets spent on.  Is this possible?


Donation Tracking:
We can and do provide receipts.  It all depends on which method you use for donation, whether you get an automated receipt.  If you donate through the website, and use PayPal, the donation receipt that you receive has our IRS 501c3 number on it and can be used with the IRS.  If you make a donation in person, just request a receipt, and one of our volunteers can write one out for you.  If you mail in a donation, just be sure to add a note, or Contact Us and let us know that you would like a receipt.

Always Check Your Charity:
With fraud everywhere on the Internet, please, please check out any charity you are considering a donation too.  The IRS maintains a Charity Exemption Tool.  Go there, check the first radio button that says we are eligible to receive donations.  The legal name of our shelter is Lone Pine Animal Shelter, the City/State is Centerton, AR.  If you have any questions about this, please Contact Us.

Donation Choices:
Sure there are many options.  Please take a moment to visit our Donate page.  This will allow you to select from multiple funds, food, spay/neuter, general, emergency, etc...  You can also visit our Amazon.com Wish List.  This list will allow you to pick out specific items that we need, order them, pay for them, and they will be shipped to us automatically.