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Being a Foster Home

Make a difference in a rescue pet's life, open your home...

Lone Pine Shelter - Foster HomeHave you ever felt the urge to help a shelter or rescue, but not quite sure how?  We have an answer for you.  Provide something that we cannot for our rescue pets.  Another loving home to help shelter them from the streets, the weather, and, well, people.

Foster homes for shelter pets often make the difference between life and death.  Just like Volunteering, becoming a foster home offers the pet what they need the most of, love and time.

It does take patience, and it takes a willingness to open your home into a little bit of uncertainty.  We do screen our rescue pets with our open foster homes for compatibility.  You tell us what you are looking for, and we try and match you up with a temporary best friend.

Are you worried about cost, food, or vet care?  Please don't worry about that.  Foster homes for Lone Pine are provided for with food, toys, vet care, leashes, litter boxes, pretty much everything that you need.  Except for the love, room, and patience.

Lone Pine Shelter - Foster Home

Whether you are a cat lover, dog lover, or if it really doesn't matter, we have got you covered as far as shelter pets for you to help out with.  We do have a few requirements for a foster home in Lone Pine's system:

  • You must either own your home, or have an approved pet clause in your rental agreement/lease
  • If you have a rental house, we require a number for your landlord so we can confirm the pet clause
  • You must have the ability to transport the pet to/from adoptions (if needed), the vet, and the shelter when required
  • You must allow the pet at least some flexibility in roaming around your house/yard.  We do allow one room foster homes in certain cases, like young animals that require isolation.  For the most part, the point of a foster home is to get the pet used to being in a regular family environment

Like we said above, the main point of a foster home is to help our rescue pets get socialized into a normal household.  We don't need you to be a "Pet Whisperer", we just need you to be a normal family, with a temporary pet.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please use our Foster Home form to let us know your details.  Once you fill that out, our foster home coordinator will be in touch with you.  If you have some final questions you would like to discuss before you sign up, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.