Dogs and children

Dogs and children can be great friends and having a dog can help children develop kindness, understanding and respect for living things. Dog companionship can improve a child’s social skills with people while caring for a pet can encourage responsibility.

6 Funny Dog Stories: What Has Your Dog Done?

There is no shortage of funny dog stories but I personally never get bored hearing about our goofy best friends. Over the past decade, I have cared for over 150 dogs from the various pet services I provide. I’ve experienced many funny moments involving those dogs and my own dog. Here is my top 6 funny dog stories.

17 Funny Pet Stories That Will Brighten Your Day

We love our pets for a whole bunch of reasons. They give us cuddles. They’re adorable. They keep us active. But perhaps most importantly, they’re the world’s best comedians. To help put a smile on your face today, we’ve uncovered the funniest pet stories out there, from a “coughing” snake, to a cat who accidentally got stuck in a pile of tape. And for more amazingly adorable pet tales, check out The 30 Most Adorable Animal Stories of 2023

8 Ways to Protect Your Pets from Disease

Science has shown that a pet can help improve a person’s health and overall wellbeing. Whether you’re a cat or a dog person, one thing is for sure — you want the best for your animal companion. Pets can catch different types of diseases, which can make them sick. These diseases affect their quality of life and can be passed on to you.