6 Funny Dog Stories: What Has Your Dog Done?

6 Funny Dog Stories: What Has Your Dog Done?

There is no shortage of funny dog stories but I personally never get bored hearing about our goofy best friends. Over the past decade, I have cared for over 150 dogs from the various pet services I provide. I’ve experienced many funny moments involving those dogs and my own dog. Here is my top 6 funny dog stories.

The elements of funny dog stories…

So what makes a story about your dog a funny story versus just another story about your beloved pet? Non-pet lovers will most likely not find any story funny, but rather add to their justification that they do not like animals.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I guess great stories are in the ear of the listener. Whether your dog stories are about pooping on your bed pillow, drinking from the toilet or sleeping in uncomfortable positions, the following stories should make you crack a smile or two.

Funny stories involving my dog

My dog Buddy did some things that were hilarious plus some of my clients had goofy dogs. Here are my funny dog stories involving my dog Buddy.

1. My dog sleeping on top of his crate

I came home once and found my dog sleeping on top of his crate. He must have used the arm of the couch to make his way onto the crate. I had blankets and a bed pillow on top for my cats, but not for my dog. I never expected him to sleep up there. The crate is now caved in on top and the door doesn’t close easily anymore. Thanks, Buddy!.

2. Eating cat vomit

Another time I came home and couldn’t find my dog. My place isn’t that big so I started freaking out and calling his name. I heard him crawling out from under my low-lying bed frame. My cat little Rascal had been sick and was throwing up a lot. Buddy went under the bed to eat my cat’s vomit. Totally gross. it took a lot of effort for him to crawl under and crawl back out again.

Funny dog stories of dogs I walk and board

Here are some funny stories involving some of the more “interesting” dogs I have watched. If I wanted to I could add a dozen or more stories, but these are my favorites.

3. Endless humping (get your dog fixed!)

Bruno was a dog I boarded who wasn’t fixed and would constantly hump my dog. After Bruno went home my dog would hump the air until he forgot about the experience a week or so later. Buddy wasn’t the smartest dog, he just wanted to fit in.

4. Male and female reverse behavior

Miso & Worf were male and female pugs that I walked for about a year. I walked the older female Miso for a few months when the owner bought the puppy pug Worf. The male dog Worf always squatted to pee like a female dog, and the female dog Miso lifted her leg to pee like a male dog. Not sure why that happened but that was some kind of role reversal.

6. Big dog – small couch

Ben, a giant Boxer who I walked and boarded, was a super friendly dog. My dog and him got along great. Ben would jump on the couch with me and my dog even though there was not a lot of room left. And f course my dog had to sit near me so a struggle ensued on which one got to sit next to me. After a few minutes, I would have to kick them both off the couch.

Then at night, the same thing would happen when I went to sleep. First one dog then another jumped into bed with me. I didn’t get the best night sleep when I boarded Ben but I absolutely enjoyed having him.

6. “OMG, that dog ate a man’s sandwich — right out of his hand!”

I saved the best for last.

I walked a giant Schnauzer named Duke. One day I walked him to an area where a lot of people walk, bike, or just sit and enjoy the weather. There was a guy eating a sandwich while sitting on a bench. Duke in a flash grabbed the entire sandwich out of his hand and ate it whole.

Mortified doesn’t properly express how I felt. There’s more to the story but I’ll leave that to y our imagination.

Final Thoughts

That’s about it, though I could share Chef’s 8-foot jump off my steps, or Super eating “gross things” off the sidewalk, and many more stories but I’ll end this article with the sandwich thief.

If you have any funny dog stories, then please share in a comment below or email me the story. I would love to add your dog’s goofy behavior to this article. Hope to hear from you! Here are a few links with more funny dog stories and dog jokes, as well as my article on “interesting” dog names:

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