Wonder Where Lone Pine Got It’s Start?

Our Founder and Director…

“This fight is for you babes” …

Kim Mathis

Good morning friends,

I was ask to share how I got into rescue?

It started in the summer of 1987 on a creek called Blue Hole.

The husband and I were going to meet up with friends, but I decided to take a walk down the creek. I came upon a Irish setter and her 5 pups, they were laying at the edge of the water. The mom was in better shape but the pups were skin and bone, they would not even stand for me. I would say pups age 3 months, yes folks that’s the dumping age.

I took them home and they did not even want food, I finally got raw eggs with milk replacer down them. After 6 weeks mom and the whole family became healthy and beautiful. I lived on 102 highway and no back yard fence, I feared they would be killed on the road. I took them to the only shelter around in Rogers, thinking they would find a good home for them.

I went back to check on them two weeks later, they had all been put down. I cried with unbelief that I murdered what I had saved, and folks the blinders never came back on. I finally was incorporated in 2000 and became a 501-C in 2003. I made a promise back in 1987 to those 6 dogs that died in a kill shelter. “This fight is for you babes” I will never let it rest till I have no breath in me. If you know any rescues that have ever helped Lone Pine please share my story, most people don’t know why this hillbilly girl started saving dogs.

– Kim Mathis