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This big love bug stole the heart of the sister of one of our volunteers! This is their first family photo on the day they made it official – January 15 2014.  Things are going so well with Ashton (who has been renamed “Walter”) that they will soon be adopting another plump and loveable LP kitty!

Siamese Cat Family

This happy family adopted from left to right Fabio (now Hershey) and his sister Bijou (now Bella) in August of 2013. They were over the moon for them.  Fast forward to December of 2013 when Niobe (now Holly) and her mate Lucius (now Nicholas), who are the parents to Hershey and Bella, are up at PetSmart awaiting adoption. Ince the family got wind that they were still available for adoption, they knew they had to reunite them with their kitties.  They’ve been one big happy family ever since.  Notice each child has their own kitty!


Third time was a charm for Boo! On his third time up at PetSmart, his family decided it was time they took home. He was adopted on April 13 2014, and he’s been living the good life ever since. He’s their one and only fur kid so that means he gets all the attention jsut the way he likes it.


Carolina is one of the 7 lab mix puppies who have all been adopted along with their mom Bessie.  She was adopted in January 2014 and has been renamed Olive. She is pictured on the above on the left with her new brother Toby. Her Mom works at a veterinary office so she gets to go to work with her every day and help calm the patients. Life turned out pretty good for this girl.